The Stgilat Pavilion Project is a joint collaboration between Art Center College of Design, Cloud 9 Architects of Barcelona and Machine Histories of Los Angeles.   The project is a result of a one year sponsor studio at Art Center College of Design exploring the potential of next nature, parametric design and experimental digital fabrication applied towards the construction of an experimental architectural pavilion.  The project applies experimental application of pneumatic formwork, parametrically informed architectural scale pattern making and cast concrete construction.  All elements were pre-fabricated in the United States, shipped and installed onsite in Begur, Spain.  

Credits Include:

Art Center College of Design

David Mocarski, Prof. James Meraz, Jason Pilarski (Machine Histories), Kenneth Cameron (Fourwall), Wen Han, Marc Dubui, Sean Chen, Cloud 9 Sponsor Studio Students.

Cloud 9 Architects

Enric Ruiz-Geli, Marc Zaragoza, Victor Llanos, Mireia Luzarraga, Felix Fassbinder, Alberto Delgado, Stuart Maggs, Chiara Paolini, Glafki Antoniou, Iker Mugarra, Kenneth Cameron, Mireia Pallarès, Juan Carlos Avila, Marga Ruiz, Kass Kajang, Dori Sadan, Victor Comeche, Mila Moskalenko, Carla Bach, Niccolo Marini.

Cloud9 Pavillion.jpg