The Federal House project combines an extensive remodel to an aging 1200sf bungalow with the addition of a new 600sf two story backyard Accessory Dwelling Unit to create two connected flexible living units in a highly walkable neighborhood in Bend, Oregon.  The Scandinavian design inspired bungalow remodel seeks to refine the original 1920’s era kit home with sleek contemporary lines and a dark exterior palette, while dramatically increasing the southern light exposure and interior volumes to create a bright, free flowing living experience. While the bungalow outline expands horizontally from a covered porch in the front towards the rear of the lot, the ADU roofline precisely follows the pitch of the bungalow roofline upward until a spacious two story height is reached.  A custom 8 foot square sliding wall separates the two units providing the occupant the unique ability to enlarge the primary living space or divide the home into two distinct units depending on their desired living situation.  On the south side, extensive use of glass delivers efficient passive heating capability and communicates with south side exterior living spaces including a large partially covered wrap around deck.  Floor to ceiling storefront windows frame a fully transparent glass neck that acts as a transitional space between the two units and offers potential for traditional sunroom uses such as indoor gardening, reading or Sunday afternoon cat naps.

Status: under construction