Cultivating Frequencies is the interactive component of the Cloud 9 Sponsor Studio at Art Center College of Design.  The project is the result of a one year collaboration between Art Center students, faculty, and Cloud 9 Architects that seeks to explore a symbiotic relationship between nature and technology through the design and fabrication of an interactive sound garden.  Fourwall director Kenneth Cameron worked closely with creative technologist Colin Honigman, Machine Histories and Art Center students to concept and produce an interactive installation in which the biological and digital material are joined at the interface.  Interaction with biological material (plants) is programmed to drive an interactive sound experience.  Noteable technologies include: Arduino, Max/MSP, Rhino, Grasshopper. Thermoforming, Swept Frequency Capacitive Sensing, Networked Data (thingspeak), hyrdroponics.

Credits Include:

Art Center College of Design

David Mocarski, Prof. James Meraz, Jason Pilarski (Machine Histories), Kenneth Cameron (Fourwall), Colin Honigman, Wen Han, Marc Dubui, Sean Chen, Ryan Oenning…

Cloud 9 Architects

Enric Ruiz-Geli, Marc Zaragoza...

hyrdro planters