Kinetic Light

Spectra-3 is an immersive audio-visual light experience: A physical-digital sculpture that tells three stories of communication through a choreography of movement, animated lights and spatialised sound.

Alloplastic Architecture

"The impulse behind this project is a desire to engage with the psychological benefits of an environment that can respond to – and therefore empathize with – human emotions through its capacity to adapt physically to the user. As such, the environment can be seen to overcome shock or conditions of alienation by accommodating the user. Such an architecture could be described as an 'alloplastic architecture.'"


"The rules of behaviour are simple – if the tetrahedron detects sudden change of light intensity (caused for example by casting shadow or pointing a flashlight ) it blinks for a short period of time with fixed delay, additionally making a sound. When there are other tetrahedrons nearby they might catch this light and pass it further, giving an effect of a “light wave”. The high-level patterns are built upon this simple rule and are shaped by the participants playing with the installation consisted of 400 blinking tetrahedrons. In the result the Constellaction “shape” evolved and branched during the evening, depending on the collaborative effort of the whole audience, effectively showing what emergence is all about."

Gray Walter's Tortoise

"Dr. Grey Walter was a neurologist, robotics pioneer, and a bit of a mad scientist. Living in Bristol, England in 1949, without the aid of modern day computer processors, he built reactive, autonomous robots that could wander about and avoid obstacles. Each robot had two simulated neurons, sufficient for them to display complex behavior. Significantly, Walter's tortoises represent the first real world demonstration of artificial life."

Petting Zoo

"Petting Zoo is the latest work developed by experimental architecture and design studio Minimaforms. The project is speculative life-like robotic environment that raises questions of how future environments could actively enable new forms of communication with the everyday. Artificial intelligent creatures have been designed with the capacity to learn and explore behaviors through interaction with participants. Within this immersive installation interaction with the pets foster human curiosity, play, forging intimate exchanges that are emotive and evolving over time. Beyond technology the project explores new forms of enabled communication between people and their environment."

LOOP >>60Hz: Transmissions from The Drone Orchestra

"LOOP>>60Hz offers an unprecedented experience as John Cale and his band perform music from across his catalogue, expressly adapted to durational forms, unusual tunings and unorthodox audio delivery. Liam Young’s collection of drones escape their associations with surveillance and the military, becoming instead choreographed, disembodied instruments which take flight in the auditorium to create a profoundly immersive live music performance."  


"Most man-made objects have a static form, while everything natural in this world, including people, are subject to constant metamorphosis and adaptation to their surroundings. Shylight is the result of a question: how can an inanimate object mimic those changes that express character and emotions?"  studio drift, via prosthetic knowledge 

ljós | fuse* works

"Ljós is the translation of the latent elements of dreams into visible contents.The body is the medium through which the connections between light, sound and movement are explored, leading the spectator into an unreal space, rarefied and disorientating. Live Media Performance based on the real-time interaction between the movements of the body, sound and the projection of generative graphics."  via fuseworks


bot & dolly

"Remember Reach is a robotically driven, interactive tribute to the fallen members of Noble Team, characters from the HALO videogame franchise. Based on the notion of remembrance, this long exposure light sculpture ran continuously for 20 days placing 118,422 points of light whenever a new user visited the official Halo Reach website."


modular phytoremediation

Research and design of the Active Modular Phytoremediation system. System geometry is based on the I-WP Triply Periodic Minimal surface, one of the 13 of its kind technically described by Alan Schoen in his 1970 paper. The geometry has many properties that makes it ideal for creating a modular wall system that is also a plenum as well as housing a large number of integrated hydroponic and electronic equipments.  via